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Maxfleet GPS Tracker

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Track anywhere, anytime using the web or mobile.

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Affordable and user friendly.

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Track and Trace

Keep track of vehicle locations anytime, anywhere, with live updates.

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Receive alerts of violations as soon as they happen.

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Generate reports of your fleet

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Fuel Monitoring

Keep track of fuel refills and detect fuel thefts

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The GPS tracker you deserve.

Maxfleet is an affordable, user-friendly GPS platform that provides real-time tracking of your vehicles. The tracking provided include the location,speed, fuel level and much much more.

What Our Clients Say

"Your GPS system has proven to be the best in the market with undisrupted surveillance and accuracy of the data. Besides that, your programmers are able to design such professional and user friendly templates based on our needs in daily transport operations. This would be the added value that shows your professionalism in managing customer needs."

Tamilselvan Perakanathan
Operations Manager
GKV Logistic Sdn. Bhd.